Welcome to the Alpine Classic

In 2020 the Alpine Classic will celebrate its 34th year and Bonjour Bright its 13th!

The Alpine Classic has been run successfully since 1986, when half a dozen keen Audax cyclists rode from Bright to Falls Creek and back. After a little refreshment they felt the need for more distance, and set off to ride the additional 70km up Mt Buffalo and back. This 200 km route became the famed Alpine Classic. As the ride became more popular routes of different distances were gradually introduced to allow more cyclists to complete their own Alpine Challenge, and share their achievement with like-minded athletes. The Alpine Classic format is now catering to around 2000 riders and provides supported routes over 8 courses providing moderate to seriously challenging courses, and of course fabulously supported by a great team of volunteers. As this is not a race there are no road closures.

When you complete your ride, a celebration of personal achievement with family and friends is strongly encouraged. So now, in addition to the range of rides which support “the Classic”, a free food and music festival is available for early finishers and non-cyclists at the start/finish in Howitt Park. The Bonjour Bright Festival has been French themed to celebrate the association of the Alpine Classic with Audax International, based in France.

Key Dates

Entries are open: Enter Here

26th January 2020: Alpine Classic!

Rider Support

Emergency Support

In the event of an emergency please phone 000 [Triple Zero] or 112

Withdrawing from the Event

If you decide to pull out of the ride for any reason, please contact the nearest checkpoint, or the Event Communications Centre. The phone number is on your ICE wrist band and bike transponder tag.

On-Course Support

Food, Water and qualified traffic marshals are available at designated points around the course. The food is varied and we try to cater for as many different requirements as is reasonable. Water is available in all the towns you pass through and at nominated spots along the course. Limited supplies of supplements are available in Bright, Omeo and Mount Beauty, thanks to Hammer Nutrition, but please use your training experience to make sure you carry any proprietary carbohydrate or electrolyte supplements you require. It is not recommended that you start to use a new supplement on any endurance ride without having first determined the strengths and dilutions which work for you.

In addition to the above, First Aid qualified Motor Cycle Marshals will patrol the course all day and St John’s Ambulances will be at various locations, as well as patrolling the course. We contract Ambulance Victoria to supply more Ambulances, as well as contract local medical personnel to be on standby at Bright, Omeo and Mount Beauty. We also have buses on standby at several locations for emergency use only and a fully staffed Field Hospital available in Bright.

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