To quailify to do the ACE250 you need to have verifiably completed at least one of the following or a ride which the organisers deem to be equivalent in terms of distance and mountain terrain.

For the 2014 ACE250 you can use the following rides to qualify:

1)    The Audax Alpine Classic 200km – in either 2012 or 2013 (includes 3 climbs of Buffalo in 2013)

2)    The Alpine Raid 250km in 2012

3)    An Audax Super Randonneur (200, 300, 400 and 600 km rides in one Audax riding year)

4)    An Audax ride of similar length and difficulty* Feel free to contact Audax in your State for advice.

5)    The 3 Peaks Challenge (230km) – rider number and overall time (not riding time).

6)    The Fitzs Challenge (Epic or Extreme) – rider number and overall time (not riding time).

7)    The Lake Cycle Taupo Challenge (Enduro, Maxi or Extreme) – rider number and overall time (not riding time).
8)    Tour de Timor in 2012 or 2013


1)    The 2011 Audax Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km ride

2)    Provide verifiable information of rides that you have completed in Australia or overseas that would demonstrate you have the riding capability and self reliance to complete the ACE250*

3)   An Ironman Triathlon

           * Note this is subject to the ACE250 organiser accepting these rides.

All riders must wear a reflective vest and carry a flashing rear light when travelling between Harrietville and Falls Creek and at times of low light. A vest is supplied as part of the Ride Entry Fee.
Riders starting at 4:00 am.
There is a pre-ride light check and entrants who do not have appropriate lights will be not be allowed to start. 
Riders who are less experienced, those who wish to use the maximum time available (16.30 hours) and those who wish to take advantage of the cooler early morning hours should choose this starting time.
Riders starting at 6:19 am do not have to pass a pre-ride light check, but must wear a reflective vest and carry a flashing rear light as specified above.

Riders are asked to keep a rear light flashing for the duration of the event - for safety in low visibility (fog, low cloud, rain, spray) and in extreme light contrast conditions to assist other road users to see cyclists moving in and out of blinding sunlight and dark shadows.

View the lighting rules
View the reflective vest
Read the ACE FAQ