60km Mount Beauty

60km – 1,300m of climbing – 2 climbs – MEDIUM

Start from Bright toward Germantown, over Tawonga Gap (a Category 2 climb), down to Mount Beauty with a stop for muffins and coffee, and then back over the Gap to Bright. This is the challenge for you if you’re not sure about the others – not easy, but with some basic preparation, we reckon anyone can make it!

No distance on the Alpine Classic is a walk in the park, but the 60km is probably the easiest. It’s a challenge – but we’re confident that most people with a reasonable level of fitness can happily complete this ride.

You’ll ride from Bright and head over Tawonga Gap to Mount Beauty, and then return over the Gap to Bright.

Groups at Alpine Classic – Additional 15% Discount for Groups of 4 or more that enter as part of a ‘Group’, set up in registration. Please email info@o2events.com.au once you have your group set up in the registration system via ‘Enter Now’.

Sat 28th Jan 2023
Start Line Open: 6:00am to 7:00am

Start at any time within this window

Supported Checkpoints

Staffed Points with Food, Drink, Medical, Toilets & Traffic Management
1. Bright (start and finish)
2. Mount Beauty
Water is also available on Tawonga Gap.


  • Loyalty Price, Open to March 31 – $75
  • Super Early Bird, April 1 to June 30 – $95
  • Early Bird, July 1 to October 31 – $100
  • Nov Price, Nov 1 to Nov 30 – $115
  • Dec Price, Dec 1 to Dec 31 – $120
  • Jan ‘Late Rego’, – $125
    * Plus 3% Booking Fee

Ride Notes

Leaving Bright (300m) in the Ovens Valley, you cycle to Germantown (5km) and turn left towards Mt Beauty to start the 14km climb to Tawonga Gap (885m). Many riders doing the 250km and 320km rides dread the Gap as it comes at the end of a very long day in the saddle, but for you it’s the only climb of the day, though you will need to climb it twice!

There are some stunning views as you descend into the Kiewa Valley, we encourage you to take the time to pull over at one of the viewing points along the way to take in the beautiful scenery and the views across to Mount Bogong, Victoria’s highest peak.

After descending the Gap, you turn right on to the Kiewa Valley Highway and continue into the Mount Beauty control point (behind the Information Centre), where you fuel up and take on water for the return over the Gap and back to Bright.

Your Safety

We’ll do our best to keep you safe on the day with food and water on-course, mobile moto marshals, and comprehensive medical and emergency coverage, but you must be prepared for this ride.

Tawonga Gap is steep in places on both sides and on all Alpine roads, you will find steep sections, blind corners, uncertain and uneven road surfaces, loose gravel, slippery spots (from water, vehicle or Eucalyptus deposits), fallen trees or branches and unexpected wildlife. Please take care and be extremely vigilant whilst braking and cornering, especially when descending. Take extra care on the descent of the Bright side of Tawonga Gap as this descent has a very high incidence of cycling accidents!