Extreme Weather Policy

Its important riders understand our extreme weather (heat) policy. It’s very simple:

If on the day prior to the event (Saturday 26th January 2019) the Bureau of Meteorology maximum forecast is for 38C (101.4F) or greater in Bright (see http://www.bom.gov.au/places/vic/bright/), then riders in the Ultimate 320, ACE 250 and 200km events will be asked to ride any one of the other distances on offer.

The Alpine Classic is a most challenging sporting activity, even in the most benign conditions. The weather conditions, especially the extremes of heat and cold, will influence this event and you. Please keep an eye on the weather via the weather section on our website.

In addition in the event of a Code Red (formally known as catastrophic ) fire danger being declared the Alpine & Mt Buffalo National Parks will be closed and the event will not proceed.

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