Falls Creek Climb (Omeo Side)


The dreaded ‘Back of Falls’! If you’ve never ridden this climb before, you’ll suddenly understand why ‘WTF Corner’ has the name that it does… the early part of this climb is steep and unforgiving, especially when you already have big km’s and several climbs in your legs. The weather can add to the difficulty – you could face the heat of a summer afternoon, or cold and wet alpine conditions!

But once you get to Trapyard Gap, the gradient eases off and you will climb above the treeline and onto the High Plains – once again you’ll be met by fabulous views across the top of Victoria as you wind your way around the lake and into Falls Creek. This is the last of the big climbs for the day and you’re on your way home to Bright after this one!

The climb is a feature of the 250km ACE, 320km Ultimate and the 2-day 250km Alpine Raid routes.