Audax Brevets

Registering for an Audax Brevet

Riders in all distances (except the 250km Alpine Raid) have the option to attempt to qualify for an Audax Brevet. To qualify for the Brevet you must:

  • Indicate you wish to qualify for a Brevet when you register for the ride and pay the additional processing fee
  • Meet the Audax lighting requirements if any part of your ride is outside daylight hours; this will require you to pass a lighting check prior to the ride
  • Meet the Audax stipulations for time constraints on your ride (see below)
  • Complete the Audax Brevet Card on the ride (you will need to stamp your card at the appropriate checkpoints.

Riders who register and then qualify for a brevet will be sent their brevets around April 2018.

Time Limits for Brevet Qualification


Brevet DistanceTime Limit (hours:minutes)

60km Mount Beauty

50km BA4:00

70km Mount Buffalo

50km BA4:40

130km Falls Creek

100km BA8:40

140km Mount Buffalo and Mount Beauty

100km BA9:20

200km Alpine Classic

200km BRM13:30

200km Buffalo Sunrise

200km BRM13:30

250km ACE

200km BRM or 200km BA16:30 (4:00am start) or 14:10 (6:20am start)

250km Alpine Raid

Not applicable

320km Ultimate

300km BRM16:30 (4:00am start) or 14:10 (6:20am start)

BA = Brevet Australia (issued by Audax Australia)

BRM = Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux (issued by Audax Club Parisien)