Your Ride Fees at Work

It takes well over 200 people to make the Alpine Classic happen! Some work for only a few days, some for months, but we accommodate over 150 key personnel in Bright and surrounds for up to 4 days during the event week, plus we pay out-of-pocket expenses to our volunteers.

Add to that the costs of food and water for 2,000 riders and 200 staff, making medical support available across the course (which includes a full field hospital set up in Bright), hire of timing gear,  portable toilets, coolrooms, on-course and off-course signage, start/finish setup, all the bike racks and other equipment that goes out to the checkpoints, and the setup and equipment for the Bonjour Bright festival.

We hire 16 cars and trucks, 3 buses and there will be at least a dozen motorbikes on course on the day.

We make some significant donations to local groups in return for their help on the day.

The event is organised and run by Audax Victoria, a not-for-profit cycling club. We do it because we love it – and we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year putting on what we think is one of the best cycling events in the world!